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music. animals. community.

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music. animals. community.

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All participating rescues are locally-based and verified 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organizations. 100% net proceeds from Rock for Rescues go to these animal welfare organizations. All donations are tax deductible where applicable by law.

Criteria for Choosing our Animal Welfare Beneficiary Organizations
to participate in the Rock for Rescues annual program

Rock for Rescues is a program of the the Vox Artium Foundation. The Vox Artium team identified key criteria for creating a broad field of vetted, financially-responsible animal welfare organizations with the greatest impact across metro Atlanta. The mission is to present a lineup of animal welfare organizations that serve as many unique segments of the community as possible without diluting the value of the program or the ability for meaningful collaboration among the key stakeholders.

Areas of evaluation include:


Community Impact

This is a two-pronged evaluation: one part explores the animal welfare mission, the second is how the work enhances the greater community. The ideal candidates have a footprint that positively impacts the greater-Atlanta community with innovative and creative programming, education,  and partnerships all reflecting the organizational mission. For Rock for Rescues participation, an important component is the ability to attend and be an integral promotional part of the Rock for Rescues community at events as the season unfolds.

Strategic Value 

The relationship between Vox Artium Foundation/Rock for Rescues and the beneficiary organization must be mutually beneficial. Does the organization have a critical mass of volunteers and supporters to share the Rock for Rescues program and encourage additional support of our musicians and events? Do they understand the Rock for Rescues mission and do their goals align with it? Will working with Vox Artium and the Rock for Rescues program help the organization advance their goals? In almost all cases, the organizations we've spoken with have a larger strategic initiative that the Rock for Rescues partnership will help them achieve. In particular, Vox Artium's social media marketing, volunteer, donor and corporate sponsorship network is of interest to promote a broader reach and awareness for their organization. 

Stability and Support 

Everyone loves new ideas and new start-ups. The Rock for Rescues program season spans several months of the year and there is too much risk in an organization that is too new and may not be certain of the mission they are executing against. Our foundation must be certain that the partnering organizations have the infrastructure and manpower to positively participate in all the program's activities.

Financial Evaluation and Governance 

This is a critical component of the evaluation we conduct. The Vox Artium Foundation utilizes a proven financial evaluation model from Charity Navigator. One example of those standards is a transparent demonstration of less than 10% of overall revenue being spent on administration. We review the IRS Form 990 for each organization to understand how well they budget their internal programs and services against their stated mission. We also review the Governance of the organization, checking for organizational transparency, size and reach of the Board of Directors, and adherence with many guidelines, such as diversity within the organization and the community sectors served.


Admittedly, this is fully subjective. This is where the evaluation team begins to build the Rock for Rescues story for the year. The primary goal of Vox Artium is to build a more collaborative community with mutually-beneficial opportunities for all involved. It is the head-space where the Rock for Rescues organic mission lives; putting together a season of events, musicians, corporate sponsors, and animal welfare organizations that will all work together to form a brighter, more positive community and a win-win outcome for all. In that vein, we seek to have a diverse line up of organizations, each serving a unique segment of the animal population, in order to minimize competitive instincts between organizations. 

In summary, we seek organizations we can feel very good about promoting, with demonstrated stability and positive impact within their industry segment served, and their community. They must also demonstrate the willingness and ability to actively participate in Rock for Rescues events and promotions for the entire program season, and help promote events, donations, and sponsorships which further the Rock for Rescues cause.

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Rock for Rescues is a program created by the Vox Artium Foundation, headquartered in Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

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